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At 9:47 AM -0400 5/5/11, victor steinbok wrote:
>=MacCulloch's father was an East Anglian rector, and the book is marked by a
>>  cheerful courtesy and good humor that it's hard not to see as the product of
>>  the best sort of manse upbringing. In discussing the terminological
>>  conventions he has chosen, MacCulloch writes:
>>>  I have tried to avoid names which are offensive to those to whom they have
>>>  been applied, which means that readers may encounter unfamiliar
>>>usages, so I
>>>  speak of "Miaphysites" and "Dyophysites" rather than "Monophysites" or
>  >> "Nestorians," or the "Apostolic Catholic Church" rather than "Irvingites."

I myself have always tried to be careful to refer to followers of
Goffman and Dr. J as sociolinguists and dunkers respectively, rather
than as Ervingites.


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