Quote: Preach the gospel all the time - if necessary, use words (attrib Francis of Assisi 1989 August)

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Fri May 6 19:49:13 UTC 2011

Fred Shapiro asked on the Freakonomics blog about a very popular
quotation attributed to Francis of Assisi. It appears to be a
misattribution. Here is a citation that is quite recent. Perhaps
someone else can do better.

Cite: 1989 August-September, World Vision, Page 16, [Free standing
quotation in a box; Section compiled by Ginger Hope, Associate Editor
World Vision], Volume 33, Number 4, World Vision International.
(Google Books defective snippet; Verified visually thanks to librarian
at Pitts Theology Library of Emory University)

Preach the gospel all the time - if necessary, use words. Francis of Assisi

Here is a cite with a weak thematic connection.

Cite: 1908 August, Improvement Era, Practical Prayer and Healing by
Joseph F. Smith, Page 730, Published by the General Board M.I.A.
[Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association], Salt Lake City. (Google
Books full view)

The Lord gave this as a pattern to his disciples who were going out
into the world to preach the gospel. It was to show them that they
were not to use many words, but were to come directly to the Lord, and
ask him for the things they might need, ...



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