"Baby daddy"

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Sat May 7 19:46:25 UTC 2011

Heard on the tube, a white speaker on his cellphone:

"'Who *is* this?' It's Early Kuyler, *Rusty* Kuyler's _baby daddy_!"

Since, given the plot line, anyone who's been following the story is
well aware that, indeed, Early Kuyler is the father of Russell "Rusty"
Kuyler  and is by no stretch of the imagination the father of Rusty's
non-existent child[ren].

Clearly, the original - and still-current, among BE-speakers - meaning
of _baby daddy_ is "slip-slidin' away," to coin a phrase, among other

And I find myself again wondering, What is it that people understand
_baby daddy_ to mean that's different from the meaning of simple
_daddy_, in such a case? In like manner, how is "beloved [bi.'l^vd] by
millions" different from simple "loved by millions"?

WTF is the pernt?

For some reason, _baby mama_ is still used only in its original meaning, AFAIK.

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