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An interesting version of the kernel of the idea appears in a footnote
of a book by Otto Fenichel (apparently dated 1953). The remark is
connected to Freud because Fenichel states that it can be concluded
when reading a paper written by Freud. This fits with the intriguing
1967 Journal of the APA cite that Victor found.

1953, "Collected papers: Volume 1" by Otto Fenichel, GB Page 11, W.W.
Norton, New York. (Google Books snippet; Not verified on paper)

Freud, in his study "Certain Neurotic Mechanisms in Jealousy, Paranoia
and  Homosexuality," (Coll. Pap., Vol. n, London, Hogarth, 1948),
shows that even paranoiacs do not project arbitrarily, but rather by
exaggerating minute objective signs.


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> Schwartz died in isolation in 1966, so if he did utter that line, it was
> long before that.
> Here's one from 1967 that may send people on a wild goose chase:
> Journal of the APA, 1967
> [p. 427]
>> Just as Freud pointed out that there is a kernel of truth behind even a
>> paranoiddelusion (no connection intended!), so I submit that there are facts
>> behind these strongly held opinions which we would do well to look into--but
>> not in order to declare our demise.
> I did trace the Kissinger attribution to three articles in 1977--Cincinnati
> magazine (review of Wheeler's Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics), an article in
> Newsweek (attributing the quip to an anonymous "presidential aide" who uses
> it repeatedly) and Time (directly quoting Kissinger).

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