Epithet by which future history will remember Obama

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Tue May 10 01:12:05 UTC 2011

Jonathan Lighter wrote
> Democratic strategist Paul Begala on CNN's _Sitation Room_ explained this
> evening that the killing of Bin Laden makes President Barack Obama "the
> Tenured Professor of Whup-Ass."

I am not certain if the gentleman writing below made it through the
promotion process to obtain tenure. But back in 2004 this gentleman
(using an alternative spelling) specialized in the same notable

(The lines below are displayed by Google when you search for
"professor whoopass". But the text below is from a forum that I cannot
access. There are two other relevant hits in 2006 and 2010.)

CASE CHANGES ARE OUT! | American Mock Trial Association (AMTA ...
15 posts - 7 authors - Last post: Feb 17, 2004
That's PROFESSOR whoopass to you. I didn't go to 3 years of whoopass
school to be called Mr, thank you very much. ...

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