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This has been in circulation for a while now, but I could not find any
mention of it in list archives. A "money bomb" is a sharp spike in
fundraising based on a particular grass-roots appeal. Wiki suggests that it
was first coined in response to Ron Paul's fundraiser [on Guy Fawkes Day] in
2007 and is associated with viral internet appeals to supporters. I found
nothing to contradict that claim. Wiki does trace it back to Oct 14 YouTube
registration by Jesse Elder:

 New York City musician Jesse Elder[9][10][11] is said to have coined the
> usage of "moneybomb" for such an event.[9][12][13] Elder registered the new
> YouTube identity "RonPaulMoneyBomb" at YouTube on October 14, 2007

Elder's page is here:

>  Joined*Joined:*Oct 14, 2007

Some more current appearances, followed by a handful from 2007:

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) still knows how to benefit from a money bomb: his
> latest tally from a three-day effort was more than $1 million.

'Money bomb' blows up Ron Paul's coffers

This money bomb is contingent on Dr. Paul announcing his candidacy for
> President.

Today is the Nikki Haley for Governor “Moneybomb.”

On the very day we launched our Moneybomb, a sophisticated hacker tried to
> take our site down.

Grassroot movement plans to drop "money bomb" on Dennis Kucinich campaign.
> [posted Dec-03-07]

Mike Huckabee Money Bomb - December 25, 2007 [posted Dec-16-07]

The November 5 fundraising drive was similarly called a “money bomb” or a “
> Fawkes bomb. [posted Nov-06-07]

Lyman plans another Paul “money bomb” on the weekend of Dec. 15 and 16 —
> Bill of Rights Day and the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. [posted
> Nov-06-07]

Ron Paul's Fifth of November money bomb was, by all measures, an incredible
> success. It was a huge financial boost, as well as an attention getter and
> awareness raiser.
> Question: So when is Kucinich going to get a money bomb? [posted
> Nov-06-07]

Note that this involves meaning reversal for "bomb" (as well as for "viral"
;-) ). Several other uses of "money bomb", including two book titles, stick
with the negative, destructive connotation. Because of the original
association with Fawkes, it seems, the reversed meaning was not intended in
the initial coinage, but, once it became disassociated from Nov. 5
fundraiser, there was really no choice left.


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