R-word revisited

David Barnhart dbarnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Wed May 11 00:23:40 UTC 2011

Several years ago, before my son's were born, I did a work up for the
Dictionary Companion on _R-word_.  My recollection is that it was sparked by
the euphemistic "recession."

There were many forms:


  or "R" word

  or "r" word

  or r-word

  or 'R' word

  or R word (multiple meanings) ........... DC Vol. 6.4

Here is a summary of senses:

1.      Economic recession

2.      Economic recovery

3.      Racism

4.      Referendum

5.      Retirement

6.      Relationship

7.      Risk

8.      Rebate

9.      Recision period

10.   Regional

11.   Regulation

12.   Religion

13.   Repayment

14.   Repeat

15.   Research

16.   Respect

17.   Responsibility

18.   Restructuring

19.   Retrenchment

20.   Any word beginning with the letter "R"



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