lemon party

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It was so long ago that even the term brontosaurus has become obsolete.  It's Apatosaurus now.

And T Rex now gets it's butt kicked by Spinosaurus as the largest carnivore.

But "lemon party"!?  So an old gay man is now a lemon?  It's hard to keep up.

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> A friend called long distnace to ask the meaning of this phrase, which he'd
> heard on his favorite television cartoon. He was mystified and so was I, so
> I made inquiry of another friend, chosen at random.
> He confessed having heard "lemon party" a few years ago, from Mr. Burns
> of _The Simpsons_, but had no idea what it meant either.
> UrbanDictionary instantly revealed that the meaning is (I'm
> paraphrasing) "an orgy of unclothed, elderly homosexual men."
> The term seemingly derives from the name of an internationally popular
> website featuring on-the-spot pictures of such events. My good sense and
> powers of imagination kept me from going there.
> But here's the point: in bronto days, when I was a lad, we didn't feel the
> lack, so obvious in retrospect, of a handy designator for that particular
> referent.
> Why was that?
> JL
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