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In the 1960s in Durham,NC, there existed an underground gay bar in the Jack Tar Hotel that was frequented by older gay men. Younger gay men called it "The Wrinkle Room." of course, the patrons were fully clothed, but the name suggests that JL's assertion nothing like the term "Lemon Party" existed when he was a youth misses the mark.  Of course, perhaps JL was a middle-aged man in the 1960s.

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>> UrbanDictionary instantly revealed that the meaning is (I'm
>> paraphrasing) "an orgy of unclothed, elderly homosexual men."
>> The term seemingly derives from the name of an internationally popular
>> website featuring on-the-spot pictures of such events. My good sense and
>> powers of imagination kept me from going there.
>> But here's the point: in bronto days, when I was a lad, we didn't feel the
>> lack, so obvious in retrospect, of a handy designator for that particular
>> referent.
>> Why was that?
>> JL

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