"Pit" as the past tense of "pit"

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Heard on NPR Morning Edition today, in a story about Ivory Coast by Ofeibea

(starting at 1:33)
Reconciliation and healing because of the bitter split in Ivory Coast
following a 2002 coup that ballooned into a rebellion. It PIT pro-Ouattara
rebels in the predominantly Muslim north of the country against those who
backed Ouattara's longtime political foe, then-president Laurent Gbagbo in
the predominatnlyc Christian south.

"Pit": a new (to me) addition to the list of monosyllabic verbs ending in
[V -tense]+[t] with irregularized past tenses identical to the base verb.
Arnold has dubbed them "bare past verbs", and has other examples of
past-tense "pit", which I must have missed at the time:

"Pet" as the past tense of "pet" came up in this brief thread in 2009:

I've written about "bare past verbs" on my blog a few times, too:

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