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I've seen this for about 5-6 years now, perhaps longer. Usually, the way it
is stated is "STD, or, more correctly, STI".


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> I must be getting older every day.  Once there was "VD," but for some
> reason
> that became unusable, maybe because nobodu knew what "venereal" meant, much
> less how to spell it.  Then there was "STD," which still sounds affected to
> me.
> Now, on Dr. Drew's show this evening, a caller wondered when it was
> etiquette to tell a prospective squeeze that you secretly have an "STI."
> Nobody bothered to define it.  It developed that "STI" means "sexually
> transmitted infection," alias (not "aka") "VD" (not "STD").
> Is it that HIV is an STI but not an STD because you're not obviously sick?
> Then how about "*SRC," "sexually related condition"?  That would include
> all
> kinds of things from crabs to neuroses. And it wouldn't mean the same thing
> as "VD."
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