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On CNN, an opponent of a bill in the Georgia State Legistature to make it
harder on illegal immigrants:

"We're alienating, we're discriminating against, and we're profiling against
the immigrant community."

Note the addition of "against." That suggests that the operative idea is
indeed broad discrimination rather than constabulary "profiling."


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> > To me, "profiling" (or "ethnic profiling" as it was originally called for
> > about fifteen minutes) is a relatively methodical process (the potential
> > perp has X, Y, and Z characteristics, etc., etc., that we got lectured on
> at
> > the station house, etc., etc.).
> The suspect must "fit the description." FTD has become a catchphrase,
> in some circles.
> A character in a Japanese cartoon spoke of the need to have the
> ability to "profile criminal minds."
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