Churchill quote: spurious?

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I don’t know how reliable is by your opinion the following source, but here
is what I found in the book “Churchill by Himself: The Definitive Collection
of Quotations” edited by Richard M. Langworth (2008), in the section
“America”, subsection “Characteristics of Americans”:

“The Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other
possibilities have been exhausted.” -- Circa 1944

This entry has the following Langworth’s note:

“Unattributed and included tentatively. Certainly he would never have said
it publicly: he was much too careful about slips like that. It cannot be
found in any memoirs of his colleagues. I have let it stand as a likely
remark, for he certainly had those sentiments from time to time in World War
II. (See for example the last entry under this heading.)”

Here is the aforementioned entry:

“Their national psychology is such that the bigger the Idea the more
wholeheartedly and obstinately do they throw themselves into making it a
success. It is an admirable characteristic, providing the Idea is good.” --

1952. (WW2 V, 494) [According to the Bibliography, it is on the page 494 of
the volume V in “The Second World War”, 6 vols.. London, Cassell, 1948 –
1954, by Winston S. Churchill].


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> A conservative contributor to CNN has just uttered the following: "As
> Winston Churchill said, 'You can count on the American people to do the
> right thing - once they've exhausted every other option.'"
> My vote is that it's Memorex, not real, but I'm only guessing. I haven't
> found anything like it in YBQ.
> I can remember when it was Lincoln and Mark Twain who used to say
> everything. This Churchill and Orwell business seems ominous somehow.
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