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Sun May 15 20:48:10 UTC 2011

On May 15, 2011, at 5:44 AM, Larry Horn wrote:
> At 6:08 PM -0400 5/14/11, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
>> I would welcome help with the following query:  With the demise of
>> the much-lamented "On Language" columns in the New York Times and
>> Chicago Tribune, what are remaining language columns in major
>> newspapers or other media such as magazines, radio shows, or major
>> blogs?  Some that I know of include Boston Globe (Jan Freeman),
>> Visual Thesaurus (Ben Zimmer), and "A Way With Words" radio show
>> (Grant Barrett).
> and Geoff Nunberg's "Fresh Air" spots (public radio).  Many many
> blogs; probably our own part-time bloggers Ben, Arnold or Neal could
> fill in a list of the major players.  I assume you're counting
> Language Log,

add Barbara Wallraff's "Word Court" in the Atlantic Monthly.

the Boston Globe column now has both Jan Freeman and Erin McKean.

"A Way with Words" is Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett.

the web resources are now enormous.  i'm assembling a list to post on my blog, but for highlights:

on his website, Geoff Nunberg lists, besides Language Log: Keywords, The Web of Language, Double-Tongued Dictionary, Michael Erard, LanguageHat, Fritinancy, Mr. Verb, Kai von Fintel, Phonoloblog, Ben Zimmer, and Arnold Zwicky.

to which i'd add (at least) Neal Whitman, Lynne Murphy, and John McIntyre.  plus Jan Freeman/Erin McKean and Martha Barnette/Grant Barrett, already mentioned.


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