mystery quote: "Men like war...."

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 31 17:49:00 UTC 2011

2,630 websites endorse the following words (more or less) by contemporary
novelist Lucy Ellmann (usually misspelled):

"Men like war; they do not hold much sway over birth, so they make up for it
with death. Unlike women, men menstruate by shedding other people's blood."

Ellmann also asked, "In what way is a man more than a mango? Is he more
useful about the house?" I don't know about that, but neither do I know the
source of  the wackily sexist quote above. Perhaps both are uttered by a
wackily sexist fictional character.

The earliest allusion I can find is from 2001.


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