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I'm all for transcription errors...

The only problem is, it's been quite some time since freshman attrition
at Harvard was anywhere near 1/3--or even in double-digit percents.
Would it be too much to say that the story has reached urban-legend status?


On 11/21/2011 12:21 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> At 11/21/2011 11:57 AM, victor steinbok wrote:
>> Dean Landin's decision to eradicate the policy back in 1937 does not appear
>> to have dissuaded promulgation of the story--it is still being told /about/
>> Harvard, but not /at/ Harvard.
> But I was speaking about the entering class(es) of undergraduates --
> that is, the respective colleges, not the Harvard Law
> School.  Apparently Dean Landis had not dissuaded Harvard College
> into the 1950s.
> And having been puzzled by "Dean Landin" -- not a name I remember
> associated with Harvard Law -- it's apparently "The new dean of the
> Harvard Law School, James M. Landis" -- "new" for the Mach 13, 1937,
> Harvard Crimson.  Apparently a transcription error by Victor --
> Google shows the correct spelling.  (For the other change he made at
> the law school, see
> http://www.thecrimson.com/article/1937/3/13/the-versatile-dean-pbthe-new-dean/)
> Or find his term of office at
> http://www.law.harvard.edu/news/spotlight/classroom/related/hls-deans.html
> Joel

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