"squeal like a girl" (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Wed Nov 23 00:00:09 UTC 2011

"raped him like a girl" has two unique Googits; "fucked him like a girl" has 116K raw Googits.

I agree this is a common social construction. Words like "mancunt" are very common.

Benjamin Barrett
Seattle, WA

On Nov 22, 2011, at 1:10 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

> The following was meant for all, but for some electronic reason went
> to Brenda only:
> Is it even desirable to attach human motives to those guys?  They're
> imaginary. They're predatory forest trolls, symbolic of the horrors
> indwelling in nature - you know, the kind that urban romantics of the
> '70s, like Dickey's protagonsist, loved to gloss over.
> "If you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise."
> And not any teddy bears' picnic either.
> JL
>> On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Brenda Lester <alphatwin2002 at yahoo.com> wrote:
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>>> No doubt.=A0 This one is male-on-male.=A0 There is no reason to ascribe=0A>=
>>> woman-ness to Bobby during the scene; and the book doesn't do so (it's=0A>=
>>> been so long since I've seen the movie that I can't say whether or not=0A>=
>>> it does).=0A=0AIn the movie (I would have to check Dickey), the rapist say=
>>> s, =0A=0A"you sure got a purty mouth."=A0 =0A=0Asounds like woman-ness to m=
>>> e.=0A=0Abrenda=0A=0A=0A=0A________________________________=0A From: "ronbut=
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>>> =A0 Re: "squeal like a girl" (UNCLASSIFIED)=0A-----------------------------=
>>> --------------------------------------------------=0A=0AMy point originally=
>>> was this: "panties" is not a dialect term meaning simply "underwear." In A=
>>> merican English, it refers only to the garments worn by women. So telling a=
>>> man to remove his "panties" before you rape him would implicate, coming fr=
>>> om most rapists of the background ascribed to Dickey 's rapist, that you we=
>>> re demeaning him by "using him like a woman."=0A=0ASent from my iPad=0A=0AO=
>>> n Nov 21, 2011, at 2:34 PM, "Mullins, Bill AMRDEC" <Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MI=
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>>> girl"=0A>>=0A> -----------------------------------------------------------=
>>> -------------=0A> ------=0A>> -=0A>>=0A>> It is important to divorce one's =
>>> own view of forced male-to-male anal=0A> =3D=0A>> intercourse as merely "pr=
>>> edator-victim" apart from any gender =3D=0A>> considerations. Personally, I=
>>> totally agree.=0A>>=0A>> However, that enlightened view is not the one tha=
>>> t, arguably, still =3D=0A>> predominates in modern culture, and certainly i=
>>> s not what one would =3D=0A>> expect that a real-life character with the pr=
>>> ejudices that one would =3D=0A>> ascribe to the rapist in the novel DELIVER=
>>> ANCE would have had. Indeed,=0A> =3D=0A>> "use him like a woman" is a commo=
>>> n euphemism for male-on-male sexual =3D=0A>> intercourse, whether forced or=
>>> not. The old cliche that men who prefer=0A> =3D=0A>> to be the recipient i=
>>> n anal intercourse are "women trapped in men's =3D=0A>> bodies" further ill=
>>> ustrates this point.=3D20=0A>>=0A>> The behavior of men in prison further u=
>>> nderscores the prevalence of=0A> the =3D=0A>> common view of sexual interco=
>>> urse between men as the "unnatural" use=0A> of =3D=0A>> men as women. Passi=
>>> ve partners are frequently referred to as "prison =3D=0A>> wives" and "bitc=
>>> hes"; the anus is referred to as the "faggot cunt"; =3D=0A>> "wives" refer =
>>> to themselves as "girls."=0A>>=0A>> So, the category of assaults that are "=
>>> predator-victim" embraces both=0A> =3D=0A>> male-on-male and male-on-female=
>>> .=0A>=0A> No doubt.=A0 This one is male-on-male.=A0 There is no reason to a=
>>> scribe=0A> woman-ness to Bobby during the scene; and the book doesn't do so=
>>> (it's=0A> been so long since I've seen the movie that I can't say whether =
>>> or not=0A> it does).=0A>=0A>=0A>>=0A>> On Nov 21, 2011, at 1:02 PM, Mullins=
>>> , Bill AMRDEC wrote:=0A>>=0A>>> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED=0A>>> Caveats:=
>>> NONE=0A>>> =3D20=0A>>> "Panties" appears in the book; "squeal like a pig" =
>>> does not.=0A>>> =3D20=0A>>> I don't perceive the scene as "using his victim=
>>> like a woman".=0A> There =3D=0A>> is=0A>>> nothing male-female in the assa=
>>> ult; it is predator-victim.=0A>>=0A>> -------------------------------------=
>>> -----------------------

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