Quote: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results

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Thanks to Stephen Goranson (off-list) for noting that the Brown
library catalog says the 1980 edition of the AA pamphlet is only 11
pages. This is substantially shorter than the 1992 edition. The length
of 11 pages agrees with the information provided by a librarian I
contacted today.

Background: Here is a link that points to the quotation within the
1992 edition. Google Books gives the title "Step Two: A Promise of
Hope" and a date of 1980. But the page image of the cover gives the
title "Step Two: A Promise of Hope". Also, the copyright page says


This morning I called a library with a 1980 edition of "Step 2: A
Promise of Hope" by James G. Jensen and found a friendly librarian
willing to help. He was unable to find the quotation "Insanity is
doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results" in
the 1980 pamphlet.

The 1992 edition has characters named Sandy and Valerie. The quotation
is spoken by Valerie. I asked the librarian if he could find any
mention of Sandy or Valerie in the 1980 edition, and he said he could
not find any named individuals in the text.

<Begin excerpt of message from helpful librarian>
I had an opportunity to look at bit further at the material you
inquired about. First I want to confirm the call number: HV5278.A78
T92 no.2 The Twelve Step Collection.

This is a collection of 12 pamphlets; number 2, A Promise of Hope,
being authored by James G. Jensen with a 1980 copyright date.

There are four (4) headings in the 11 page pamphlet; Introduction,
Insanity, Power Greater and, Coming to Believe.

I was unable to locate the particular quote you asked about or
anything that included a reference to any named individual in that
<End excerpt>


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