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On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 4:00 PM, Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at> wrote:
> By saying they were, one commits a political act. A political act of
> appropriation, unless I miss my guess.
> By objecting, you relieve yourself of your default complicity.

Certainly, a valid criticism, though the terms in which you have
chosen to express it are overly harsh, if you will warrant my drawing
of your attention to my own, somewhat beside the point,

> But if you think that makes you better than the rest of us, I can
> deconstruct you of that notion.

Sadly, an unfortunate fact, indeed. I am fully persuaded of the
rightness of your position. Therefore, I withdraw my
totally-unmotivated assertion.

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint
to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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