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I didn't think the plane would have been named "Blow Job" unless, you
know, there actually _were_ blow jobs. So I would think this cite would
be at least a [bracketed] quote in OED, except they don't need one cause
they can use Jon's real blow job quote.

Mostly, I posted this because I thought it was funny that a full bird
Colonel was quoted saying "blow job" in the NYT.  Kinda like when
"Heywood Jablome" was quoted about "Mission Impossible 2" in the Atlanta
paper in 2000.

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> > HDAS has 1942
> But, in HDAS, it doesn't mean
> _jet plane_
> .
> Don't the strings have to have the same meaning, in order for one to
> an antedatng of the other? It seems to me that, unless an earlier
> instance of _blow job_  meaning "jet plane" is found, Bill, yooda man!
> IIRC, the P[ursuit]-80 was the last one so designated. Afterward, the
> designation became "F[ighter]-" and even the P-80 itself was
> redesignated the "F-80."
> But, since I was a mere eight years old in 1945, I may not RC.
> Youneverknow.
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