Possible Antedating of "Bebop"

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> But before there was Be Bop there was Bop and that came after hep
> morphed into hip, but when did the Re-bop come in, my first memory was
> the Brando film  "the Wild One"  But being a 77 year old white guy, what
> do I know, certainly a lot less than I used too.
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Back in '45, Lionel Hampton did "Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop" and Helen Humes did
"Be-Baba-Leba" in which, to my ear, the final syllable sounds like
"bop." But the preceding "re" and "le" can't be confused with "be."

The date is too late, in any case.

"All night long blowing _be-bop_ sounds
And that jive ain't moved a soul
Then somebody put on the low-down blues
And the joint jumped ready to roll
You talk about a party!

- Kent Harris dba Boogaloo and his Gallant Crew
1955 "Talk About a Party"

Be-bop wasn't party-music and neither was any other genre of
progressive/modern/cool jazz.

AFAIK, this nom-de-boogie-joogie has no connection with the dance
called the "boogaloo," popular a dozen years later or with the cites
in HDAS..

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