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"… a person who may easily or profitably be swindled or exploited.
1909 I was kept in reserve to skin good things..."

This meaning of _good thing_ is still alive and kicking natural ass in
BE, particularly in the "exploit" sense. A common admonition is

"Don't *never* let nobody use you / take you for a natural good thing!"

It's always pronounced as though spelled _goodthing_.

OTOH, I didn't find _natural_ as an emphatic or an intensifier in HDAS
and I didn't expect to. But, when you fuck with Jon / HDAS,


IAC, as expected, I was able to find recent examples of this use with ease.

"D-_Natural_ Blues": the punning title of a 1949 instrumental
recording by Lucius "Lucky" Millinder and his orquestra.

"(You Make Me Feel Like) A _Natural_ Woman," 1967, by Carol King dba
Aretha Franklin.

Black Cop
Joseph Nazel - ‎1993 - 224 pages
He would kick her _natural_ ass and she would love him all the more.

What We Did for Love
Teresa McClain-Watson - ‎2004 - 368 pages
And you tell him that, if he does not take my call, he'll be sorry,
because I'll come to
his office and show off my _natural_ ass — you hear me?

"Show _off_ my natural ass" is unexpected, because _show off_ has only
the standard-English meaning of "flaunt," etc.

Everything I Miss At Home
Dawn - ‎2011
I knew the last place to act out was at Dream, and here this ghetto
Nikki came up
here, _showing her natural ass_ for real!

It's _to show one's ass_ that properly means "to cause/create a scene."

Matriarchs - Page 138
Kevin B. Niblet - 2005 - Preview
Soon Willie was suspended in mid air with nothing but _natural_ ass exposed ...

Without Warning
John Birmingham - ‎2009 - 528 pages
“And that was my _natural_ ass-scratching hand, too."

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint
to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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