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> Dunno if this is helpful or not:
> There's a photo going round on FB of two Just Born candy containers: one
> is much larger and shows signs of wear and is labeled "chocolate grains"
> and the other is smaller, does not show signs of wear, and is labeled
> "jimmies", with both showing the same product on it.
> The text accompanying the photo is:
> Jimmies were first developed by Just Born Candy Company. Born briefly
> pondered that question before deciding to accredit the name to the
> producer, Jimmy Bartholomew. The new product was named JIMMIES. In
> Boston, JIMMIES are to ice cream like mustard & relish are to a hot dog.
> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=545399632154169&set=a.508917785802354.127796.508911809136285&type=1
> [On the smaller container you can see that the Just Born company is
> based in Bethlehem, PA, which makes me wonder why the Boston connection.]

fwiw, Just Born is the company that makes marshmallow Peeps.


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