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OED has poppycock from 1852 (with the second quotation from 1864).
Popcock (pop-cock) may be related to poppycock.

Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) Saturday, August 07, 1852; col C  [19th c. n.]
....Our authority says P. stands for Poor Prices, Pierce,...Plunder of Public Property,...and Pop-cock generally....

The Daily Scioto Gazette, (Chillicothe, OH) Tuesday, April 05, 1853; Issue 107; col B
...Edward Everett, towers above the petting, snarling and snapping of popcock Senators....

Jackson Citizen, page 2 December 28, 1853 Published as:THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. Jackson, Michigan
Headline: A Liquor Trial In Jackson [Am. Hist. N.]
...C. Wood, alias "Counsellor Popcock," for the defendants.

The Boston Daily Atlas, (Boston, MA) Saturday, August 16, 1856; Issue 40; col G
Popular Sovereignty is better known here by the name of "sovereign popcock."

 Memento Mori;
Daily Ohio Statesman, published as The Daily Ohio Statesman;  10-28-1856 vol: III; issue: 128; p: [2];
...the Democracy can bid defiance to legions of Popcock Parsons.... Columbus, Ohio

The Sun. a Dose of Cayenne;
Sun, published as The Pittsfield Sun.;  09-16-1858; vol. LIX; iss. : 3026; p. [1]; Pittsfield, Massachusetts
His pop-cock war speech...

Letter from Fitch Burg;  Letters;
 Wisconsin Daily Patriot, published as The Wisconsin Daily Patriot;10-17-1860;v. iss. 6;  p.147; [2];  Madison, Wisconsin
...he will not vote for Popcock Dwight [elsewhere, "Popcock," Dwight]

[?]Vanity Fair, Dec. 27, 1862, p. 306 col. 2 [GoogleBooks]
Oh! wal, ef popcock's guntah reüle all threöugh, [?]

The new Northwest, March 29, 1872
Silly men and silly women, full of conceit and sentimentality, and what is familiarly known as popcock....

Independent Statesman, (Concord, NH) Thursday, September 08, 1881; pg. 392; Issue 49; col B
The Post's idea...is all popcock.

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