"fanny", n.4

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Joel S. Berson wrote:
> I am interested in whether there are any earlier instances of "fanny"
> n.4 than those in the OED:
> 1.  backside, 1928--
> 2.  Female genitals, 1879--

Here is an instance of "fanny" as backside in the expression "park
your fanny"  in 1922.

Title: Terribly intimate portraits
Compiled by: Noel Coward
Year: 1922
Chapter: Ah! Ah! Queen of the Rude Islands
Start Page: 193
Quote Page: 196
Publisher: Boni and Liveright, New York


[Begin excerpt]
Ah! Ah!'s childhood was spent running completely wild with her three
sisters "Beaoui" (meaning "Heavens Above"), "Sua-sua" (meaning "Shut
your Face") and young "Goop" (meaning in American "Park your Fanny"
and in English "Sit Down").
[End excerpt]


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