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W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 16 16:52:55 UTC 2012

> > WB: If Johnbo were really **up front**, he'd be a beaner.
WB:  I.e. if his name had a **high front vowel**.  I really find it hard
(no pun intended) to believe I am the only one who "thinks" [boner] when he
sees <Boehner>; I am sure Beavis & Butthead are on my side. Give me other
examples of German (sur)names with {o" = oe} that are Anglicized as [ei]. I
have heard <Goethe> rendered [goatee] (jocular).  Okay, Hermann Go"ring or
Goering: could go either way for me: [gurr-ring, go-ring]. Wait a minute:
Wilhelm Bo"ing > William Boeing; akin to Gerald McBoing-Boing?

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