Word of the Year???

David A. Daniel dad at POKERWIZ.COM
Mon Dec 17 14:59:01 UTC 2012

A few weeks ago I would have gone with Etch A Sketch as WOTY for 2012 - as
the cynical and ultimately unsuccessful (this time) policy of constant
self-reinvention, being whatever you think you need to be at the moment, to
get yourself elected. It struck me as the absolute essence of modern
political process in America which, after all, is a pretty big deal. But
perhaps this has now been overtaken by other events.

Poster:       David Barnhart <dbarnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM>
Subject:      Word of the Year???

I have a list for WOTY, as usual.  I was wondering this morning as I picked
up my regular newspapers if we should add _massacre_ to the list of
candidates for WOTY.  Is WOTY to be the word for which 2012 is remembered or
the word that people in 2012 were obsessed with?  In the case of the former
it may be _massacre_.  In the case of the latter it may be _fiscal cliff_.

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