[Generally it has been coined as] Obamadon

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Well then the Republicans should beware the killer smirk of the Bidenodon.

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> >> Researchers Name Millions-Year-Old Lizard _after President’s Name_
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> > That's true. But, how? [[obama][don]]? What does _don_ mean, in taxonomy?
> it's a variant of -odont, the 'tooth' stem, with the -a of "Obama" swallowing up the -o
> from Michael Quinion's affixes site, under -odont:
> The ending -odont appears in adjectives that refer to the type of teeth possessed by animals. Examples are labyrinthodont, having the enamel deeply folded to form a labyrinthine structure; bunodont (Greek bounos, mound), having molar teeth with crowns in the form of rounded or conical cusps; diphyodont (Greek dis, twice, plus phuein, come into being), having two sets of teeth during its development, as humans do.
> ... Words ending in -odon have the same sense: mastodon, a large extinct elephant-like mammal of the Miocene to Pleistocene epochs (Greek mastos, breast, because it has nipple-shaped tubercles on the crowns of its molar teeth); iguanodon, a large herbivorous dinosaur of the early to mid Cretaceous period, named thus because its teeth resemble those of the iguana.
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