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From: Barry Popik [mailto:bapopik at aol.com]
Sent: Fri 1/6/2012 1:42 AM

There are now about a hundred Texas demonyms, all researched with
historical citations. I'll be ending this thing in a few days, unless
it makes news and I get further research suggestions from fellow
Texans. There are lots and lots of small towns with fewer than 1,000
residents, and I can't do all of 'em.
It helps to have a good-sized city with a good online newspaper to do
Merriam-Webster online had about ten of these, mostly for major cities
(Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Amarillo, Pasadena,
Wichita Falls, plus Athens, Carthage, Palestine, Paris), not with dated
citations, of course...M-W has nothing for Palm Springs (CA) and
Colorado Springs (CO), so, of course, Big Spring (TX) and Dripping
Springs (TX) are difficult...Temple has me stumped, as does Commerce and
Pharr...Alpine seems to have Alpiner and Alpinite, but there's just a
handful of cites...I'm not sure if people from Mesquite are
Mesquiters...Maybe I'll do Flower Mound today.
Anyway, I was suprised to see a mention in D Magazine today. See below.
As some of you know, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2011 and
I'm on a Remicade treatment. I'm not getting any worse <snip>...

Barry Popik
Austin, TX
Katyite (inhabitant of Katy)
Lake Jacksonite (inhabitant of Lake Jackson)
Weslacoan (inhabitant of Weslaco)
Wichitan (inhabitant of Wichita Falls)
Victorian (inhabitant of Victoria, Texas)
Pasadenan (inhabitant of Pasadena)
Port Arthuran or Port Arthurian (inhabitant of Port Arthur)
Grapeviner (inhabitant of Grapevine)
Harlingenite (inhabitant of Harlingen)
Gilmerite (inhabitant of Gilmer)
Denisonian (inhabitant of Denison)
Shermanite (inhabitant of Sherman)
Baytownian (inhabitant of Baytown)
Baytowner (inhabitant of Baytown)
Kerrvillian (inhabitant of Kerrville)
Kerrvillite (inhabitant of Kerrville)
Corsicanan (inhabitant of Corsicana)
Lulingite (inhabitant of Luling)
Ciscoan (inhabitant of Cisco)
Missionite (inhabitant of Mission)
Sugar Lander (inhabitant of Sugar Land)
Mexiaite (inhabitant of Mexia)
Shinerite (inhabitant of Shiner)
Dentonite (inhabitant of Denton)
Waxahachian (inhabitant of Waxahachie)
Texarkanian (inhabitant of Texarkana)
Pflugervillian (inhabitant of Pflugerville)
Round Rocker (inhabitant of Round Rock)
Uvaldean (inhabitant of Uvalde)
Wimberleyite (inhabitant of Wimberley)
Pecosite (inhabitant of Pecos)
Carthaginian (inhabitant of Carthage, Texas)
Athenian (inhabitant of Athens, Texas)
Parisian (inhabitant of Paris, Texas)
Cedar Hillbillies (inhabitants of Cedar Hill)
Arlingtonite (inhabitant of Arlington)
Arlingtonian (inhabitant of Arlington)
Bryanite (inhabitant of Bryan)
Longviewite (inhabitant of Longview)
Tylerite (inhabitant of Tyler)
Killeenite (inhabitant of Killeen)
Cedar Parker (inhabitant of Cedar Park)
Leanderite (inhabitant of Leander)
Leander (summary)
Leanderthal (inhabitant of Leander)
Nacogdochean or Nacogdochian (inhabitant of Nacogdoches)
Grand Prairian (inhabitant of Grand Prairie)
Planoite (inhabitant of Plano)
Beaumonter (inhabitant of Beaumont)
Fredericksburger (inhabitant of Fredericksburg)
Del Rioan (inhabitant of Del Rio)
Eagle Passan (inhabitant of Eagle Pass)
Bee Caver (inhabitant of Bee Cave)
Nederlander (inhabitant of Nederland)
Seguinite (inhabitant of Seguin)
New Braunfelser (inhabitant of New Braunfels)
Crockettite (inhabitant of Crockett)
Llanoite (inhabitant of Llano)
Llanoan (inhabitant of Llano)
Taylorite (inhabitant of Taylor)
Huttoan (inhabitant of Hutto)
Georgetowner (inhabitant of Georgetown)
Marfan (inhabitant of Marfa)
Marfaite (inhabitant of Marfa)
San Marcan (inhabitant of San Marcos)
Palestinian (inhabitant of Palestine, Texas)
Lufkinite (inhabitant of Lufkin)
Bastropian (inhabitant of Bastrop)
San Angeloan (inhabitant of San Angelo)
Brownsvillian (inhabitant of Brownsville)
McAllenite (inhabitant of McAllen)
Lubbockite (inhabitant of Lubbock)
Laredoan (inhabitant of Laredo)
Abilenian (inhabitant of Abilene)
Odessan (inhabitant of Odessa)
Midlander (inhabitant of Midland)
Fort Worthian (inhabitant of Fort Worth)
Fort Worther (inhabitant of Fort Worth)
Amarilloan (inhabitant of Amarillo)
Corpus Christian (inhabitant of Corpus Christi)
Galvestonian (inhabitant of Galveston)
Wacoite (inhabitant of Waco)
Wacoan (inhabitant of Waco)
El Pasoan (inhabitant of El Paso)
Houstonian (inhabitant of Houston)
Dallasite (inhabitant of Dallas)
San Antonian (inhabitant of San Antonio)
Austinite (inhabitant of Austin)
Are We Dallasites or Dallasonians? Fort Worthers or Fort Worthians?
Etymology Tells Us Who We Are
Posted on January 5th, 2012 4:26pm by Jason Heid
Filed under Awesome Things, Local News
Barry Popik, a lawyer in Austin, likes words. He spends a lot of time
researching the history of familiar phrases. He once went to great
lengths to convince Nancy that hamburgers weren't invented in Texas. He
has a website on which he discusses the etymology of a host of terms,
posts photos of himself with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and
otherwise makes it clear that his intellect is superior to yours.

Part of his site is devoted to assembling a "Lone Star Dictionary," and
lately he's been adding to it with a series of posts about the history
of terms for referring to the inhabitants of specific geographic
locations. I'm sorry to say that "Dallasite" appears to be the only
legitimate option for those of here in the region's biggest city.
Residents of Fort Worth have two options: "Fort Worthian" or "Fort

My favorite discovery on the site is that "Cedar Hillbillies" is
apparently a real thing. But I was bowled over when I read the entry
about my own hometown and its "Dentonites." While the citations on most
of his posts are fairly dull and taken from Wikipedia and its sources,
the entry for Denton sees fit to cite the Urban Dictionary:


n. One who exhibits all or many signs of Dentonitis, a common condition
mainly affecting born citizens of Denton, Texas and a high number of
move-in residents.

Major symptoms include poor hygiene, low neural activity, strong
aversion toward conversation of any kind, and/or total absence of
emotion, as well as a very exclusive interest in five or more of the
following things: Indoors, video games, fast food, cigarettes,
concrete, indoors, television, facebook, indoors, beer, pot, youtube,

I have seen the affliction too many times myself merely to laugh this

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