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So the situation is even dumber or more evil than I thought.

To say "by BlackRock" (it's so clever when they run words together) implies
(to me) that iShares is like a poem or a drama or a musical composition. A
veritable work of art.

For which BlackRock is solely responsible as designer and creator.  John
shows otherwise.

At least "*from* BlackRock" would suggest no more to the cynical ad-watcher
than that BR is somewhere in the mix when the iShares appear. Others would
simply assume that BR is entirely responsible. "Managed by BlackRock" just
sounds boring, no matter how great BR might be.

But that's show biz.


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> Actually, BlackRock (specifically, BlackRock Fund Advisors, a subsidiary
> of BlackRock, Inc.) is the investment adviser to the iShares family of
> exchange-traded funds, so when the ad says "By BlackRock" it really means
> "Managed by BlackRock," not "From BlackRock."
> It's true that another BlackRock entity (BlackRock Investments, LLC)
> serves as the distributor to iShares, but this is irrelevant for two
> reasons.  First, investors that are not large broker-dealers buy their
> iShares shares on the open market, not through the distributor, so they
> aren't really acquired "from BlackRock."  Second, nobody gives a damn who
> the distributor of an exchange-traded fund is.
> John Baker
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> So far restricted to ads. I hope:
> "iShares. By Black Rock."
> JL
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