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Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> 2010
>  *:  *Wakamatsu is an auteur of pink movies (Japanese softcore pornography).

In the 1970s I noticed that term applied to some Japanese films. Here
is an instance in 1970. There are no matches for "pink movie" in the
full text of the OED.  I only looked in the Google News Archive and
the OED.

Cite: 1970 October 19, The Miami News, Japan Gets Tough On Smut, Page
5B, Column 3, Miami, Florida. (Google News Archive)

[Begin excerpt]
Producers of the low budget films known as "eroductions" or "pink
movies" were anticipating a rosy future in view of the general world
trend toward an easing of censorship laws.
[End excerpt]

Wikipedia has a relevant article for "Pink film":

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