"boomerang parent"

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Tue Nov 13 19:46:32 UTC 2012

"These political mothers are part of a much broader trend. Let's call
them boomerang parents, for want of a better term. They're not
exactly returning to the nest, as many young adults have done when
the cost of living on their own was prohibitive or the accommodations
on entry-level salaries not what they were accustomed to. Instead,
these elderly parents, after decades in their own homes, are choosing
to share a nest with their adult children."

 From "Boomerang Parents", by Jane Gross, New York Times, Nov. 18, 2008.

My encounter was Nov. 11, 2012, with "boomerang mom", in "Child's
Education, but Parents' Crushing Loans", by TAmar Lewin, also
NYTimes, where the choice to share is not as free.

There is also "Boomerang Parents - What Are Boomerang Parents?", By
Susan Adcox, About.com:

Not in UrbanDictionary or ADS-L archives or Language Log, I believe.

Google Books suggests that there are instances earlier than 2008,
some with distinctly different meanings from the above and some
without preview.


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