"sketch out"

Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Wed Nov 14 16:16:21 UTC 2012

Heard in the wild last night on the Marketplace story about John McAfee
(of antivirus fame):

He started carrying around a gun and this "really sketched people out."


I've become familiar with the "creepy" sense of "sketchy" because that
seems to be the first sense that comes to my students' mind when I use
it (while the "vague" sense is what I intend), but now here's a
corresponding verb with particle, where "sketch" seems to have replaced

I'd actually like someone else to listen to this and confirm that this
is what I really heard.

---Amy West

PS Saw in the paper the other day a story about OUP picking an American
and a British WOTY: "gif" for the American (really?!) and "omnishambles"
for the British (a MUCH better choice than "gif" IMHO).


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