New(?) jargon using the verb, _root_

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In the 1998 example below the spelling for "rooted" is "r00t3d". This
is "leet" style parody spelling. This date can be pushed back I
believe. But searching Google Groups is a Sisyphean task. The results
are inconsistent and nonsensical. Also, maybe Phrack magazine has an
early cite.

Newsgroups: uk.telecom,
From: Paul Gregg
Date: 1998/12/26
Subject: Re: Free Calls to 07050 numbers
[Begin excerpt]
Absolute tripe. Unless you've r00t3d every news server in the world.
Which isn't the case since you sent begging emails to all ISPs begging
us to add your crap.
[End excerpt]

Newsgroups: muc.lists.bugtraq
From: m... at MUCOM.CO.IL (Marc Esipovich)
Date: 1999/12/23
Subject: Re: Announcement: Solaris loadable kernel module backdoor
[Begin excerpt]
> With the proliferation of these types of backdoors, is there any way to
> prevent your 'r00t3d' box from being backdoored?
[End excerpt]

Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
From: "Bryan Lloyd" <mitsu30... at>
Date: 2000/06/22
Subject: Re: i hunger for KNOWLEDGE
[Begin excerpt]
Also Linux, Unix, BSD and all like operating systems can be rooted and
files deleted or changed if you run telnet or ftp servers.
[End excerpt]

Newsgroups: netscape.public.general
From: sjso... at (Steve Sobol)
Date: 29 May 2001 22:28:55 GMT
Local: Tues, May 29 2001 5:28 pm
Subject: Re: 4.77: email password needed to send each new session
[Begin excerpt]
B!ff: K3wl, w3'v3 r00t3D da N at vy... 0h CrAp, INC0M!Ng $%^NO CARRIER
[End excerpt]

"Root" was used as a noun in the terminology of the Unix operating
system before "root" was used as a verb in the manner shown above.
Here are some examples from "The Jargon File" (version 4.4.7):
[Begin excerpt]
root: n.
    1. [Unix] The superuser account (with user name ‘root’) that
ignores permission bits, user number 0 on a Unix system. The term
avatar is also used.

    2. The top node of the system directory structure; historically
the home directory of the root user, but probably named after the root
of an (inverted) tree.

    3. By extension, the privileged system-maintenance login on any
OS. See root mode, go root, see also wheel.
[End excerpt]
[Begin excerpt]
crack root: v.
[very common] To defeat the security system of a Unix machine and gain
root privileges thereby; see cracking.
[End excerpt]
[Begin excerpt]
go root: vi.
[Unix; common] To temporarily enter root mode in order to perform a
privileged operation. This use is deprecated in Australia, where v.
‘root’ is a synonym for “fuck”.
[End excerpt]


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> Not new among us geeks. Folks have been 'rooting' their phones for three or four years at least. I rooted my Palm Pre shortly after I got it four years or so ago. I haven't rooted my iPhone 4S because that voids the warranty. But it does allow you to run cool stuff that Apple doesn't want you to run.
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>> "[The Google] Nexus 4 has already been _rooted_."
>> "For those who don’t know,
>> _Android-rooting_ is _the process of gaining access to the Google
>> operating system’s subsystem_.
>> The point is usually to overcome limitations put in place by carriers
>> and hardware manufacturers, allowing the user to alter or replace
>> system applications and settings, run apps that require
>> administrator-level permissions, and even completely replace the
>> device’s operating system."
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