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Perhaps it's in the OED, perhaps not.  Under "call, v." there is:

A.  "†8. To challenge; to impeach, accuse of.
Obs.", most recent citation 1490.  But that is without the "out".

B.  "5. To rate or reprove; to challenge sharply.
colloq.", most recent citation 1940.  But that's under "to call down".

C.  Under "to call out", there is "3. To
challenge to fight (esp. a duel)", most recent
citation 1882.  The "challenge" notion is the
same; the "to what" is merely public rebuke or
ridicule.  (Which makes it sound like something
one would find in Puritan times.)


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>Is this sense of "to call out" in the OED and other dictionaries?
>Frigid Mayor Bloomberg Called Out For His Inability To Hug
>Canada Called Out for 'Abysmal' Free Speech on Campuses
>Students sometimes call him out for being too hands-off.
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