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Mon Nov 19 21:35:53 UTC 2012

The Merriam-Webster word of the day (via the Vocabology app) is "lambaste," which MW says can also be spelled "lambast." Only one pronunciation is given: lam BAYST. That was a surprise to me: Probably because it's generally past tense, I assumed "lambasted" is from "lambast," and I pronounce it as "lam BAEST." MW does allow for both pronunciations online (

Wiktionary ( gives "lambaste" as the main form and gives the "BAEST" pronunciation for RP and US, with "BAYST" also acceptable in the US.

Despite Wiktionary's RP claim, the OED does not recognize the "BAYST" pronunciation. Also, the OED meanings perhaps need updating as they give "to beat, thrash" as current colloquial terms (Wiktionary says that's dated) and "to scold, castigate" as figurative. 

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