bulldozer = 'bucket loader'

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Tue Nov 20 01:10:31 UTC 2012

I wish it had occurred to me to save the Army Times photo caption of an
armored personnel carrier as a "tank."
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Today a completely different CNN reporter, in a totally different part of
the world, referred to a front-end loader as a "bulldozer," as though this
were _le mot juste_.


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> I remember the machines from the later 1950s.  My speech community called
> them simply "loaders."
> --Charlie
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> BTW, "bucket loader" was originally applied (some will say "correctly") to
> a rather different kind of loading machine - which isn't in OED either!
> Does anybody know when "front-end loaders" were introduced? I seem to
> recall seeing one in action in NYC in 1953, though I was too young to have
> had any word for it at the time. But I don't fully trust my memory in this
> case: it could have been a backhoe or even a real bulldozer (though I
> think
> I'd have recognized the latter).
> But I'm pretty sure it was that yellowish color.
> JL

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