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Foxtail -- one of various grasses with brush-like spikes of
flowers.  One species is Alopecurus, or "fox tail".  Which of the
many might be found in the Sahara I don't know.

But that leaves another intriguing question -- who ate the rest of
the pigs that provided the lard?


At 11/21/2012 10:46 AM, George Thompson wrote:
> From an article in the sports pages of today's (Wednesday's) NYTimes, about
>a fat guy who has participated in and finished several very long distance
>and multi-day endurance races, including a 150 mile race over the Sahara
>"While on the trail in the Sahara, Pitkanen subsisted on a diet of lard and
>If "foxtail" means what I suppose it means, then this raises the question
>-- begs the question, in fact -- who ate the rest of the fox?  If it
>doesn't, then what the hell does it mean?
>I refer this to our culinary savant, VS.
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