"friends-and-relations" who disrespect linguistics professors

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At 11/21/2012 09:19 AM, Amy West wrote:
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>>I'm not sure.  I confess that until recently I thought it was "no
>>holes barred", until I was disabused of this by incredulous
>>relatives.  And I even used to watch wrestling on TV, so I have no excuse.
>And the relations get to lord it about that a *Yale* *linguistics*
>*professor* made such an error. Tsk! Bonus for them! (We language geeks
>get 0 slack from friends and relations . . . )

To put them back in their assigned place, picture Rabbitt's
friends-and-relations, minor animals near the Hundred Acre
Wood.  "Rabbit also has good relationships with the minor animals in
the forest, known as his "Friends-and-Relations". Several are
mentioned by name, including beetles called Small, Alexander Beetle
and Henry Rush, and three unspecified creatures called
Smallest-of-All, Late, and Early. According to the illustrations of
the book, his Friends-and-Relations include other rabbits, a
squirrel, a hedgehog, mice, and insects. At one point, Rabbit
estimates that he would need "seventeen pockets" if he were going to
carry all his family about with him. Whether that number refers just
to his relatives or to the friends-and-relations as a group is
unknown, if it had any basis at all."  [Wikipedia.]

Perhaps someone can come up with a non-Disney illustration, and then
Larry can decide whether any of his look like or can be called small,
beetle, rush, smallest-of-all, late, or early.


>---Amy West

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