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Thu Nov 22 12:01:54 UTC 2012

paul johnson
Why shouldn't Mars speak Newspeak?

On 11/22/2012 12:26 AM, W Brewer wrote:
> DAD: <<<to unmars. No?>>>
> JL: <<<No.>>>
> WB: No. <unmars> would be a Curiosity in and of itself. To further avoid
> bastardization of Anglo-Saxon affixes with Franco-Roman deities, we suggest
> <to untue>, pron. [@n-too], [@n-tyoo], or [@n-chew], depending on the
> pragmatics of your palatal predilections. And so on with the other planets
> as well. UnWedn, unFri, unEarth, unTue. Digging on the gas giants gets
> unearthly tricky. eJove, esSaturn, exUranus, enNeptune, exPluto, exHaumea,
> eMakemake, exEris. And so on ad infinitum through Space, where no man has
> dug before. Or robot, AFAWK.
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sexy accent? For me, it's that subtle raised-eyebrow come-on of a

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