The Saturday Evening Post began with Ben Franklin??

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> At, the Saturday Evening Post claims:
> "The grand legacy of The Saturday Evening Post has endured for nearly
> 300 years in part due to the creativity and innovation of its
> founders, publishers, editors and cover artists. The rich history of
> the Post has been thoughtfully reaching its readers since a time
> before America yet existed.
> "The story of The Saturday Evening Post begins with Benjamin
> Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette, first published in 1728, and became
> known as The Saturday Evening Post in 1821."
> Surely that is a self-generated, not-so-innocent mythologization?  I
> am not aware of any continuity.  And there is one not-much- excusable
> error -- the Pennsylvania Gazette began in 1728 with Samuel Keimer;
> Franklin bought him out in 1729.  (One diplomatic demurrer to the
> SEP's claim is Wikipedia.)
> Joel
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People have been debunking the Benjamin Franklin claim since I was in
grade school, i.e. before 1950. I'm surprised

1) that there is yet another periodical calling itself "The Saturday
Evening Post"
2) that it, too, claims that it was founded by Benjamin Franklin in
the same sense that UChi was founded by John D. Rockefeller.


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