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> Last week, Yvonne Brill -- a pioneering rocket scientist best known
> for her work developing the technologies that help keep our satellites
> in orbit -- passed away. And she was, unsurprisingly, given an
> obituary inThe New York Times.

I was told an anecdote about Rosemary Yallow, a Nobel Prize winner in
medicine. (We in the science fiction fan community know her son Ben
Yallow.) Anyhoo, a friend -- a woman food scientist who lived and worked
in Natick (US Army Labs) -- told me that the day that Rosemary Yallow's
prize was announced the headline in the "local paper" (it's not clear to
me which one it was) was "Local Housewife Makes Good."

The point being that this treatment of Brill can very much be read as
"same old sh*t" in terms of how women in science are treated.

And, yes, I have seen complaints elsewhere re: Brill's obit. I did not
notice any problems like that with the Globe's obit.

---Amy West

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