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Wed Apr 3 03:44:25 UTC 2013

Rutgers men's basketball coach is in hot water over abusive behavior
toward his players. We're not talking chair throwing a la Bobby Knight,
but plenty of misconduct. And a significant portion of the accusation is
his use of language.

> In addition to Rice's physical actions seen in the practices, Rice
> calls Rutgers players "f----ts," "m-----f-----s," "p-----s," "sissy
> b-----s," and "c---s," among other epithets.
> ...
> Biruta said Rice's insults were often not about his game but about him
> personally. "If you're going to criticize me as a basketball player,
> I'm OK with that," he said, "but he would criticize me as a person."
> On a 30-minute video Murdock said he showed Pernetti and other Rutgers
> officials in December, Rice is seen hurling a ball from point-blank
> range just passed Biruta's head, shoving him and repeatedly swearing
> at him. At another point, Rice hurls a ball that strikes Biruta's
> knee. He appears momentarily hurt and has to sit out a play.
> "The one thing I hated," Murdock said of Rice, "he would always talk
> about 'Lithuanian this, Lithuanian that,' talk about where he's from,
> 'soft-ass Lithuanian b----,' 'soft-ass Lithuanian p----.' His nickname
> was basically 'Lithuanian f----t.'"
> ...
> Tyree Graham, who was injured for two seasons but attended practice
> every day for Rice's team, said that at times Rice "crossed the line,"
> and once the coach hit him hard in the back with a basketball. But
> Graham, 24, said he understood why Rice used those tactics, because
> people "disrespected" Rutgers in the Big East and he wanted to
> simulate opponents' disrespectful attitudes during practice.

Not a lot of direct language content, but may be of interest to some
people, especially those interested in taboo coverage and avoidance.


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