Antedating of "hate someone's guts"

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"hate someone's guts" (Not in OED; New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and
Unconventional English: 1918)

_Within The Law_ was a Broadway production in 1912, written by Bayard
Veiller. Here's an extract from the book of the 1913 script "by Marvin Dana
from the play of Bayard Veiller":

"Was there any bad feeling between you and Eddie Griggs?"

Garson's reply was explicit.

"Never till that very minute. Then, I learned the truth about what he'd
framed up with you." The speaker's voice reverted to its former fierceness
in recollection, of the treachery of one whom he had trusted.

"He was a stool-pigeon, and I hated his guts! That's all," he concluded,
with brutal candor.

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