What is "phonetics" in the Common Core

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Thanks for the link.  The Common Core has become something of a political
football in the Indiana senate.

I looked through the sections you flagged, and I found "phonetically," but
not "phonetics."  I think in eduspeak "phonetically" is the adverbial form
of "phonics," not of "phonetics."


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> My query to the "Common Core" folks.  Anyone know what "phonetics" means?
> How is k-1 "phonetics" applied in the common core?
> http://justpaste.it/comcoreenglish
> It's not in the "reading" or "writing" sections, but in the "language"
> section.  See below
> Kindergarten - CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.K.2d Spell simple words phonetically,
> drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships.
> First grade - CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.2e Spell untaught words phonetically,
> drawing on phonemic awareness and spelling conventions.
> At this instruction truespel phonetics is a perfect application.  It
> provides one spelling per sound (as close to present English spelling as
> possible) that kids can type and actually write in phonetics appropriately.
> (How can one have "phonemic awareness" without a standard way to spell the
> phonemes?)  The beauty is that it carries on across platforms in
> dictionaries and translation guides as an integrated system for the first
> time.  And it's virtual and free.  See tutorials at
> http://justpaste.it/course2  The free converter is at
> http://truespel.com/en
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