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English is begging for a better phonetic notation.  Truespel provides this.  Tilde (~) shows ~truespel.

How to say Boston Marathon Bombers names

Here is the pronunciation of the marathon bombers names as spoken by the aunt who brought them to US.
She says they are innocent and the video of them walking is staged:
The run times of the names are listed.  Note that pronunciation varies.

Father of the boys = ~Aanzer (0:14) (0:15) (0:23)
Younger bomber = ~Juhhaar (1:16 and 1:17)  ~Jaahaaq (4:44)    ~Joehaaq (7:33)
Older bomber = ~Taamulaan (1:43)  ~Taamulaan (4:47)  ~Taamairaan (6:44) ~Taamaiqqaan (7:25)

~u is "uh"
~aa is "ah"
~air is "air"
~q is "flapped r"
double consonant precedes a stressed vowel -so ~Juhhaar has stress on second syllable.

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> Dzhokhar [joe-KHAR] --> [ZHO-hah] / Christiane Amanpour 20130424
> (1) stress on initial syllable; (2) ach-laut > aitch; (3) gallicistic
> de-affrication of initial /dzh/ to [zh]; (4) elegant RP rendition of /-ar/
> as non-rhotic post-vocalic [ah].
> JB: <<<tell me in plain language ... whether it's more like "joe" or
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