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>   And I had also been thinking about the burden of having to earn a name like Tamerlan(e).  This is precisely why we refrained from naming our son Titus Andronicus (or Atreus) Horn.  Or our daughter Medea.  On the other hand, Attila has always been a popular name for Turks, but then they no doubt see him as a positive force on balance, as the Tsarnaevs and other Tatar heirs no doubt do Tamerlane the Great.
> LH
>> >Russified <Tsarnaev> [tsahr-NA-yeff] variously anglified: [zar-NA-yev],
>> >even heard an early [Sarnoff]. The patronymic <Anzorovich> identifies the
>> >alleged father, <Anzor>. Black hat Tamerlan [tammer-LANN] (no doubt yearned
>> >to live up to his namesake, Tamerlane 1336-1405, <When I rise from the
>> >dead, the world shall tremble!>)
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who was thinking that. I have not
heard a peep re: this on the one medieval list I read. (And my youngest
played soccer with a Timur. . . ) I downloaded Marlowe's "Tamburlaine"
to read, but I can't recall what the medieval source would have been
that Marlowe used. . .

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