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"Zubeida(t)" is a usual Arabic female first name--the <t> was there etymologically, but is usually not pronounced in Arabic.  I had a student at Singapore named Zubeida binte Mohammed, as I remember it.

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> Marabomber Mom's moniker(s).
> CNN 20130427 <<Zubeidat Tsarnaev speaks to CNN's Nick Paton Walsh>>. Use of
> <Tsarnaev> identifies her with husband's surname unchanged (common American
> practice). Use of the gamonym <Tsarnaeva> (most non-CNN ghits) would
> conform to general Slavic practice. She is ethnically Avar.
> <Zubeidat>: probably an Arabic surname, as per ghits. (Is this really her
> idionym, or possibly her father's surname?)
> <<<Az Zubeidat is a Palestinian village in Jericho Governorate. Az Zubeidat
> village's name came from Az Zubeidat tribe which descends from Bir as Sabe'
> area; residents are composed of one main family, the Az Zubeidats.>>>
> http://vprofile.arij.org/jericho/pdfs/vprofile/Az%20Zubeidat_en_Final.pdf
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