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At 78 grew up in Chicago, lived in several apartment building where
there were doors for icemen to refill your icebox wiothout coming in the
house, even though we had either gas or electric refrigerators. Some
sort of weekly or monthly tally like the milkmen.  I also remember 3
times a week bread and pastry deliveries  Most of that was all gone by 1949.
Icebox sounds normal to me but reflection says I use Frig most of the time.

On 4/27/2013 7:40 PM, Dan Goodman wrote:
> I used to say "icebox" for refrigerator.  Have stopped because people
> were looking at me funny.
> Is this a generational change?  (I'm 70.)  Or a difference between
> Hudson Valley and Twin Cities speech?
> Or possibly both, or some alternative which didn't occur to me.
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