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I found the following (largely unrelated) in DHS:

1.      An emotionally unresponsive person, esp a woman.

2.      A morgue.

3.      a. An isolation cell.

b. a prison.

And, from DARE:

1.      also _ice chest_.  A gas or electric refrigerator (dated 1950 in its
sitations). ..

Entries also for:

icebox is open

icebox melon

icebox pickle

icebox tomato

MY USEGE (I'll be 72 in a couple of weeks):

My mom and dad both used _icebox_ (later _fridge_).  I still catch myself
saying _icebox_ from time to time, though Mom and Dad used it to the end.
They were born in 1908 and 1900 respectively.  I was born in 1941 in the
Midwest.  Dad was from Missouri/Kansas and Mom from Wisconsin.  They had a
house in Westchester (North of NYC)-- in the wall of the kitchen pantry was
a small door for depositing ice for the icebox.  We received milk on the
back stoop into the early '60's, sometimes in the summer with a chunk of ice
to keep the milk from turning sour (Or, as my parents would say, _going



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